Firefox plugin redirects users to mirrors of seized domains

Firefox plugin redirects users to mirrors of seized domains.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Several potential targets of this controversial government initiative have begun launching mirrors of their websites on domains that are under the control of more lenient nations, and there is now a Firefox add-on dubbed MAFIAA Fire that tracks alternative domains and automatically redirects users in the event a site is seized by the ICE.

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US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency

And this does what to help us fix the economy since ICE has been sleeping on the job for how many years and been in big business beds and shirt pockets??? And yet the human traffic still comes over? I think someone need to be fired and put in jail for failing to do their job before trying to do another job when they can’t even do their first job correctly. I have yet to hear a explanation with supporting FACTS to backup their claims.

add-on is exclusive to Firefox

Here is something better don’t even download that pluging or addon. Do they think people are that dumb to do that?? They must be… people are already fed up with their failure they just can’t seem to dig the hole big enough or fast enough for them to fall in. How about they do some real work and get those scum of the pond from the US Congress and deport them to Sibera and do some real work like the rest of us have to do.

They haven’t been sleeping on the job. Think for a moment about who supports cheap labor without benefits. Yea, I smell what you’re stepping in, ICE.

I love this plugin and government needs lay off policing the world.