Firefox issue

I’ve been encountering an issue where Firefox 3.5.1 tells me that the connection to the server has been reset and I cannot get onto the internet, I also get this error in IE 6, not that I use the cumbersome beast that is IE. It keeps me out for ages, I close the browser then reopen and sometimes get an error message saying that there is already a session open and that it has an error I clear the error and nothing happens I then have to attempt to open the browser again usually with success. I have noticed lately that it seems to occur when I use MSN Messenger more than when I’m not using it and I suspect there maybe a conflict between the two but then can;t explain why IE doesn’t work at the same time. If I open the browser in Bitlord I have no issues but cannot get it to work in Firefox. I’ve tried everything I could find, turned off firewalls, changed internet settings etc. The only thing that works is rebooting but if I open messenger again it starts all over again.

Does anyone know of any tricks that could help.

Use upload & download limits, and maximum connection limits under 200 for Bitlord.
Torrents are likely maxxing out the bandwidth, and the other programs can’t get a message in/out.
Otherwise your router/modem can’t handle more than 200 simultaneous connections which your torrents are maxxing out.

Peer guardian may also be stopping HTTP requests? Have you checked?