Firefox hit by malware



Firefox users have been targeted by a new type of malicious software. The malware, which has been identified by security researchers at BitDefender, collects passwords for banking sites and has been dubbed “Trojan.PWS.ChromeInject.A




Interesting that they call it “chromeinject” :slight_smile:


Isn’t Chrome something of google browser?? Plus I don’t use Grease monkey so I doubt I have much to worry about.


Google wrote “chrome”.
Mozilla wrote “firefox”.

Grease monkey is a legitimate plugin that has a set of scripts that do handy things.

The virus installs itself as a plugin with the name “grease monkey”.

You don’t need to install the grease monkey plugin to get the grease monkey virus :wink:


err Chrome is the files that firefox stores it’s data in, Take a peek in your firefox program folder and in the hidden folder in appdata. So it has nothing to do with google chrome.