Firefox has the worng Tab Icon for CdFreaks!

I don’t know how this happened but it did to me once before years ago
and I forgot how to fix it.

I tried clearing my cache etc. but that didn’t work.

Notice how has the same icon as!

Sorry for the wide screen shot :cop:

aaaaaa yeah >

No issues here.


[QUOTE=platinumsword;2118404]No issues here.

:cool::cool:[/QUOTE]Till you clear your cache? :rolleyes:

Which means: don’t clear your cache if you truly treasure the favicon. :wink:

Funny thing is I didn’t clear my cache and it happened, I only cleared my cache after the problem.

Oh well i see it’s a known issue.

Thanks for the thread link I will post also in that section.


[QUOTE=Bob;2118405]Till you clear your cache? :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]