Firefox gets own task manager that also shows energy consumed by website

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From Firefox 64, the browser will have its own task manager. With the tool, that replaces the hard to find about:performance tab, it’s possible to see how many resources a website uses. The tool also reveals more detail on the energy consumption of a website.

TBH, I feel like this is yet another attempt to imitate Chrome/Chromium, which has had it’s own “task manager” for quite some time. IDK about anyone else, but I’m tired of Mozilla’s ridiculous attempts to turn Firefox into an a cheap knockoff, when the browser has always been anything but. From practically day one Firefox has won users over on its own merits by distinguishing itself from other browsers in ways that made nerds like me feel excited about the future. To turn away from that practice and force Firefox to be a crappy imitation is just sad.

Then again, the ability to directly measure how much energy a website is using is kind of awesome (in a sad way: I long for the days when web pages were just that: “pages”). Maybe web devs will stop trying to do EVERYTHING with huge piles of JavaScript, and instead either rely more on pure HTML, or just drop stupid features that nobody asked for in the first place. (I’m especially looking at you,