Firefox for Windows 8 Metro GUI screenshots

Here are screenshots of Firefox for Windows 8 using the Metro interface. While this comes directly from the developers, it’s unknown if this is how it will exactly look like, but our guess is that it won’t be far off. How do you think it looks?

See the newspost:

very nice.


meh. I’d rather use a keyboard instead of ‘Poke and Peck’…

I don’t really like metro interface… just a question of taste i guess :frowning:

yeah i have to agree browser in metro just lacks features. seams like its dumbed down

Thanks! =):cop::cop::cop::cop::cop::cop::cop::cop::cop::cop::cop::cop::cop::cop:

I wonder if it will work for firefox portable

I really like Metro design. I don’t know why everyone’s hating!

metro desing looks complicated…7 seems better

Need a 1378 px resolution screen to provite all metro advantges. Mine is only 1280.!