FireFox Extentions

Now that FireFox is all the rave ,what must have extentions do you recomend to a new user like me?

adblock for sure.

the cdfreaks search extension could help you find a few as well :wink:

lol I’ve been trying a few i found. Bugmenot and Bandwidth test, Adblock to name a few. Thought maybe people would like to post thier favs.

Mouse Gestures and Adblock for me. Mouse Gestures makes it a lot easier to move back and forward through web pages previously viewed. I use the zoom ability in Mouse Gestures too just to mention a couple features.

Any of the tabbed browsing extensions. Which one you use depends on your FF version. “Tab X” puts a little “x” in each tab that you can click to close the tab.

Adblock is a must-have here also.

Chin2001 thanx for the links. I have searched after i posted but thought maybe someone had found a few more. Thanx to everyone for the input on extentions ! Thay have been great to try.

Some interesting extensions (some may be mentioned in the threads ckin2001 listed:

Image Zoom


Favorites converter (Exports to Favorites)

***I have not yet tried the official FF 1.0 as of yet.