Firefox Browser/Microsoft Edge will not let me open


My name is AnDrew my computer (windows 10) will only allow me to run Chrome if I right click it and run as admin. Firefox says its running in background but I cannot find where anywhere, Microsoft Edge does nothing. ?? windows icon on bottom left corner will only do anythig if I right click on it.? Any help would be appreciated… Thanks Living in Dreary CNY…


Can yoi TaskKill Firefox maybe?

  1. WinKey+R
  2. Type in CmD
  3. taskkill /f /IM firefox.exe

And then retry.


Error: invalid argument/option - /f/IM firefox.exe`


how can I tell the computer that I `m the administrator, That seems to be some of the problem??


You need a space between /F /IM.
And in Windows, capitalization does not matter.

You can see your user privileged in the user account control in the control panel.