Firefox Bookmarks ---> IE

Does anyone know a way I can export my FF bookmarks to IE favourites? Obviously it is easy to do it the otherway round, but some websties are better in IE, eg: BBC videos (full screen only poss in IE), and others


I can’t see a firefox user ever wanting to go back to IE :wink:

a clear misunderstanding of my post

There is a freeware utility Bookmark bridge that will do it easily. and there is also a firefox extension that synchronizes your Firefox and IE bookmarks.


In FF, click on Manage Bookmarks>File>Export>Save File (to desktop ideally.)
Close FF,
open IE>File>Import/Export>Next>Import Favourites>Import from File/Address>(browse to ff file saved on desktop)>next>finish>DONE!

wow i never realised IE had the option (I just assumed IE was poor in this user friendly area as it is with other)