Firefox and MSN Messenger 6.2

I have just made the switch from IE to Firefox (Yippee) and i was wondering when u click on the 1 new message button or No new message button (depending on how many messages you have) how to get it to load up hotmail on firefox and not IE?


is firefox the default browser?

yes i have this problem too. It is set to default browser but any Microfot application automatically uses IE. Windows update is another example.

This is pissing me off too. Maybe there is a registry hack or something? I tried a few things and it still shows itself

windows update uses activex controls, doesnt it? i think you are locked into IE there. as far as the other goes…

it seems to be hardcoded within the msn messenger to open IE. a workaround would be to change the links target.

holy shit. i renamed the internet explorer file, and it plopped a new copy of iexplore in the folder. i give up. microsoft has owned this section of windows.

i found a way around this problem. So that msn loads automatically in your default broswer (being firefox i hope;)). First you need msn messenger plus.

In the messenger plus addin you have to go in preferences. Then into mail pop3 tab. Then you activate verification of pop3 email. Then you create a false account. Dont put a sever name. All you have to do is put in a email. Put in the client or link case : That should solve your problem.


MSN PLUS!! If i recall i tried that and it installed so much absolute s**t on my computer or maybe that was something else…

Thanks for the help but i think ill just keep with IE for emails :frowning:

why dont you just set up you hotmail account inside of Outlook or your email client and if you have an email inside of messenger you bring up your email client and get it there???


MSNger Plus! is freeware, but it asks you to install a “sponser”. If you are the type of person that blindly clicks “I approve” and “Next”, then yes, you installed a stupid IE toolbar. However, you can still install the program and not install the spyware, and even if the uninstall program is a little paranoid (about worms automatically uninstalling it or something), the benefits (Personalized Statuses, POP3 email checking, etc) are well worth it.

MSN plus added a load of st on my computer to (my old one) but i didn’t accept anything to install the cp it installed, i always scan through what im installing.