Firefox and Chrome can shorten SSD lifetime

We’ve just posted the following news: Firefox and Chrome can shorten SSD lifetime[newsimage][/newsimage]

Firefox and Chrome have been found to continuously write so much data that it might affect the durability of SSDs. Both browsers write an incredible amount of data to disk, even when idle.

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I have had 4 SSDs in my Z68 build for many years, and I use Chrome, and Waterfox (64bit version of Firefox) and never had an issue.:wink:

I think you’re right Alan, compared to the massive read and writes done this is a storm in a glass of water. Still why not do what the article suggest and change the value ‘browser.sessionstore.interval’ from 15000 to 1800000, it can’t hurt :flower:

With that said, personally I run everything without powersaving, any sort and so I have accepted a lifespan of roughly three years for SSDs before retiring them as external drives for the remainder of their lifespan (I run solely on power created by natural waterfalls and so please no harsh comments - it is most stable without powersaving features enabled).

Is this guy selling hardware or software?

Chrome doesn’t write much at all if you are not browsing, I just tried and left it with 10 tabs open for an hour, it wrote about 65MB to SSD.

Is this 1GB being talked about including writing all website data as well for an hour? If so 1GB is not at all unexpected.

From my POV saving everything for after a crash is unnecessary, I’m not such a jellyhead I can’t remember what I was doing. Anyway crashes are so rare (on my PC) that’s it’s an unneeded feature.

Time to delete Chrome and stick with IE, I guess.

[QUOTE=DukeNukem;2781823]Time to delete Chrome and stick with IE, I guess.[/QUOTE]
lol… been with IE and FF and had no SSD failures…