Firefox Add-ons: Need Help

I just installed Firefox 3.6.9 from the Mozilla site. For some reason, none of my add-ons will work. When I look under the add-ons tab, it tells me that they are all enabled. Just in case there was an “add-on Firefox version” compatibility issue, I deactivated the option to check the compatibility. Still, I got no luck. So, I uninstalled and then reinstalled Firefox, but I keep getting the same problem. I’ve also noticed that the AVG toolbar and link scanners are missing. Can anyone help me out with this? It’s really bugging me.

In case it matters, I’m running Windows XP SP3 with 1.25 GB of RAM.


please try with a new FF profile. You may need to reinstall your add-ons then.


I’m not sure what that did, but it’s solved. Thanks!