Firefox 6: Four Reasons Not to Upgrade

I did it.

Err…Mozilla did it for me I guess… :rolleyes:

Anyway…it still is FF as you know it, except some plug-ins don´t work yet…:doh:

Hm. Well, FF can’t update itself automagically. Forbidden on my system. :bigsmile:

Apart from that: does it matter if your new piece of software has version # x+1.y instead of x.y+1? Not really, doesn’t it?
That article above does not list one good reason “to not upgrade”.
But perhaps the author is running botnets and has to rely on older, vulnerable software.


In my experience, from version 4 on firefox become slower and RAM suxxing. moreover, some sites that was working flawlessly now are not working correctly :doh:

The only reason why I upgraded is for the security patches, but I’m still trying to find a good alternative for Firefox.

Lame explanations. I’m happy to upgrade.

I can think of a better reason not to upgrade to version 6 than those 4 reasons: You’ve moved to another another browser and are ready to uninstall Firefox. Do you really need to update to version 6 to uninstall Firefox? :bigsmile:

Eitherway, I’m on version 6 at home & work and the update takes just a few seconds, so even that is no excuse not to update, unlike installing IE9 which feels as tedious as installing a service pack.

I do the upgrade just for safer internet browsing and surfing not just cause it is the latest version. No updated version is without bugs or fixes later on but that is the nature of software. Want protection or stability you have to update that is what is now days. And plugins well those will catch up or fall behind it’s a choice users make when they add plugins in or creators create plugins make.