Firefox 50 starts faster than before and adds emojis for everyone

We’ve just posted the following news: Firefox 50 starts faster than before and adds emojis for everyone[newsimage][/newsimage]

Mozilla today released Firefox 50, a week later than originally planned, because the browser developer wanted to make some last code optimizations. In this version the startup time of the browser should be reduced and some new small features were added.

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I don’t use Firefox per say, but I do use a handful of Firefox-based browsers. It’ll probably be a while before I am able to play with this fast Firefox. I hope my browsers get updated soon!

I occasionally try to go back to FireFox, but every time I try it, it seems they’ve blocked the use of another ad-on feature I really liked. If they would allow the use of so-called “heavy-weight” themes, like Foxscape or Orthodox and some add-ons like Get Mail Plus, I’d go back in a heartbeat. It used to be one of the few browsers that allowed customization to a great extent, but now it’s just another also-ran browser with no real advantage to using it. Â Â