Firefox 39 to allow downloads of malicious files



We’ve just posted the following news: Firefox 39 to allow downloads of malicious files[newsimage][/newsimage]

Firefox users who want to download files that are blocked by the safe browsing feature of the browser will soon get the possibility to disable it.

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Future versions may also allow you to run with scissors and answer truthfully when asked “do I look fat in these jeans?” :smiley:


Hopefully they will make it a selectable feature, so that an ordinary user can be prevented from overriding protection - or from altering the setting!


With any luck they’ll remove the “Nanny” settings altogether!
About time the morons learn both responsibility and the consequences of being stupid.


Hmmm… I don’t know that it’s a good idea to include this feature as if it’s there as a standard option no doubt it’s then easier for the malware writers to try and toggle this option rather than hacking the more sophisticated security features of the browser.