Firefox 3.0.2 released

Just got the update to 3.0.2 a minute ago.

Fixed several security issues.

Read the full release notes here

Yay … does this fix the cross-browser exploit, I wonder :wink:

When I checked my browser it says it’s 3.0.3!

no at least it is not on the list I do not think any browser has fixed it yet.

[QUOTE=weedougie;2133987]When I checked my browser it says it’s 3.0.3![/QUOTE]

Hehe, mine says that too :wink:

Bummer that it doesn’t fix that cross-browser exploit yet though.

mine say 3.2 but it will not as soon as I update

FF 3.02 was short lived. hax0rth0r posted this 5 days ago.

I believe it got updated again. Posted that one too.