Firefox 2.0 available

For those of us that have had it up to here with IE :a , Firefox 2.0 is available for download. Of course it’s free as well.

Now that’s a bargain :slight_smile:

I have been using FF forever and I don’t see myself going back to IE anytime soon…

Faster, Better, Stronger

Agreed. I just got tired of viruses, pop-ups and bloatware.

I like Firefox a lot. Mozilla was my browser of choice even after Firefox came along, but they stopped developing Mozilla. Now Firefox has all the best features of Mozilla plus many more. I can even use my favorite Mozilla-type theme (Skypilot). :slight_smile:

Yeah, another FF fan here. Either way, gonna move this to another forum as it really doesn’t pertain to deals.

Firefox is great but IE7 is out and its a big step forward from IE6.
M$ just needed firefox to show them the way a bit :wink:

aint that the truth! I used IE7 RC1 for a couple of days and it was like M$ just coppied FF…I mean even the wording in the dialogs and such was nearly identical :rolleyes:

MS has been doing that since it’s very inception. Reverse engineering plus mucho marketing.

Actually, FF is not “Faster” than IE at rendering, but because of the way it does the job, pages usually appear to open faster. In a recent benchmark test I saw, FF was the slowest, and Opera won all the tests hands-down.

Still, I love the gizmos in FF and will avoid IE7 like the plague till I can see where the problems and bugs are.

Release Notes for FF 2.0

I’ve tried several times to like Opera, but just can’t. There’s somehow something a bit strange about it. It seems less user friendly than even IE.

I have about 30 webpages that I use to evaluate browsers. Opera takes about 31 seconds to SIMULTANEOUSLY load these pages. FF is around 19 seconds. IE 6 is too slow for this competition. It should be noted that IE uses the least amount of RAM and is compatible with all poorly-coded webpages.

High hopes for FF 2.0, but I get the same ugly pages with overlapping text. Text too big on some pages, too small on others. Why can’t Mozilla copy the way IE displays pages: correctly. Oh, well, back to IE. I liked Opera for a while, at least it showed the pages correctly and seemed fast. Then it started having problems with certain pages.

Firefox 2 is what it is - a very lean BASE browser that is designed to be expanded via extensions. For me, it is pretty useless without TabMix Plus, so I would have to wait until that extension is updated.

IE with Maxthon makes IE worth using, We have to use IE for Windows Update and sites that don’t work with any other browser, so as long as we have to use it, we might as well slap Maxthon on there and have a REAL browser. :slight_smile:

I liked Mozilla (now SeaMonkey I think) better. Did more useful stuff out of the box.