Firefox 1.0.2 is out

Firefox released 1.0.2 to fix a major security flaw.

even if i’m using FF for a relatively long time now (since v 0.91 or whatever) this is what i don’t like about it all the time.
to fix 3 (2 small + 1 big) security leaks, i have to d-load a complete new version of the browser, which isn’t cool if you have only 56k connection… :wink:
i want PATCHES (greetz to M$) :wink: :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

People hardly ever put out patches for programs now, they end up just putting the whole new version on.

Ben :slight_smile:

Already got it but thanx

Just updated.
Thanks :slight_smile:

that’s not right - this is one of the things that mozilla is trying to realize 'til next BIG version of FF: integrating an auto-updater, using patches instead of complete new versions…
of course, the full-download will also always be up-to-date, but if you already have the program installed, you just update the “defective” parts…

Got it!


The auto update feature sounds good, for as long as it’s safe of course…

Some programs still do it, but the general trend is that developers dont put out incremental patches any more, and rather put out the whole program again.

Ben :slight_smile:

I have no idea why the full install, but just to interject, some fixes need so many patches, it is more manageable to creaate new complete install. I mean, one bug makes them open many many files.
As I said, this is no explanation to this version, just a general possible scenario.

I’ve installed the new firefox, but when I double click on a JPEG it doesn’t pop-up in a window anymore. Nothing happens. I’ve turned off my pop-up blocker so it can’t be that. Anyone have any ideas??

Seems like just yesterday I installed 1.0.1, oh well time to download…thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

For real, their releases were very close together. Must have found a big bug in the last release.

Anyway, I installed the newest version and it works like a champ. :iagree:

Got my Firefox T-Shirt today! :iagree:

I’m not sure if you folks are aware of third party FireFox builds. Try the new Stipe’s s8v4 build of FireFox 1.02 over at the support forum of Mozilla. Look in the third party section. Really fast. Moox’s builds are also nice at I’m currently running the Stipe’s build.

Damn right. :wink:

If you have a couple of minutes to spare (and still have a PC with 1.0.1 installed), try the trick described here.

Regards, :slight_smile:


I believe one of the big reasons for companies not releasing patches is actually security itself. A patch is often very specific. You reverse-engineer the thing then you know exactly what’s fixed what’s not and how it was done. In fact, historically a few of the windows updates were leaked out before they were released, and hackers were able to come up with new techniques right after the general public installed them. Hopefully this clears things up a bit. :slight_smile:

Thanks for notifying me of the update. Not only does it help out with security but it also solved a serious problem that I have had ever since I started using FF. I couldn’t get the stupid thing to work with and link up with newsgroups and my newsserver. It now works perfectly for the first time after this update. Kinda bizarre but I’m not complaining. :wink:

Well, of course this does not apply to Firefox, since it is open source
everyone can read the source, so there is no need to do any reverse-engineering. :wink:



Gee, kinda forgot that critical bit…lol :bigsmile: