Firefox 0.9.1 released


Hurry up and download now! :slight_smile:

Just downloaded and it seems to be working fine.

Now back to Opera… (yes I am addicted to that interface)… :smiley:

And is online! Double-wohoo!

thanks for the heads up

Yay!!! Man, I was having probs w/ the current version while doing massive “Save Link to Disk…” which lags the whole browser down and sometimes crashes the DL Manager.

OMFG, the Mozilla Update site’s just too damn cool. So many plug-ins (extension) and good old 0.8 theme. Awesome!

Urgh! Its taken me ages to re-customise the browser!! Half of the extensions and themes I had don’t work with 0.9, typical really! And what the hell happened to the mozilla site? I loved the old way it was it was so easy to find new stuff and now its either confusing or just plain crap! Pfft me not happy with mozilla considers opera again :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree with those who want to go away from microsoft, i want to do it, but i can’t.

on my old computer, which is used only for navigation (P2-450), i use opera, because of tabbed-browsing, and it is fast and ok, except for some pages that renders bad.

i tried mozilla 0.9, and it’s bad, slow… mouse movements become jerky… jumping…

so if on a slow computer, if mozilla takes much resources, while IE and opera works very well, that’s not good…

the main computer (the one i’m using now), i’m using MyIE2 (tabbed interface for IE), which is quite good.

I’ve been using Firefox ever since my IE started playing up.

0.9.1 out now

Thunderbird 0.7.1 also out

Realplayer plugin wont work now. Works in IE, not in FF. Anyone else?
mozillazine is slow and they shut off their search so I ask you.

ewww random thought, thread tools wont work for opera 7.5

sorry for offtopic

I also use MyIE2. I like MyIE2’s groups, undo close, and the multiple ways it allows the saving of web pages. Though I admit, I have not spent much time trying out firefox, so it may have some or all of these features.

I’ve been using it for the past few days after switching over from Opera - love it!

It has gotten so that I almost like it as much as Opera. I just hate installing all the extensions and themes. With Opera it is just copy & paste the themes into the right folder. But there are some things that I don’t like about Opera such as not saving long image file names (i.e. if they are over 6 letters they get saved as the first letters) and not knowing when an image is being loaded which sucks on 56Gay.