FireDTV and FloppyDTV for PCs


This is just what we TV fans all need. New products that will solve a lot of problems for us all :smiley:

It supports HDTV, a lot of CAM modules. There will probably be more products like this.

This could mean that you might be able to use the Dragon CAM and a SKY Digital card for reception. It don’t say if the Dragon CAM will work with this product.

Hope there is more of this stuff. Great for watching sky and recording stuff.


Anyone know of more products like this.

Hoho, this is OLD news.

I have a FireDTV since a bunch of months now.

Don’t forget that it doesn’t support DVB-s2!

Good that someone knew it was old news, PUH. Well guess I still need a standard box in order to get sky digital.

Hmm DVB-S2 is that some upgraded DVB, didn’t know about that :smiley:

Yes, DVB-S2 is the new “standard” for HDTV. Normal HDTV is transmitted in mpeg2, DVB-S2 is transmitted in mpeg4/H.246. Normal DVB-S cards or receivers are unable to demodulate that signal.

Receivers from PACe, HUMAX and PHILIPS are announced but not really available to the public. Also the ReelBox can receive and visualize mpeg4/H.246.

KNC ONE has announced a DVB-S2 card to be released January 2006. Watch this space! :wink:
A link with info is in this subforum.

Is mpeg4/H.246 the compression used in DivX / XviD ?

I guess it gives better compression then MPEG2 ? and takes up less space in transmission ? or am I wrong ?

mpeg4/H.264 has nothing to do really with DivX/XviD.

It requires less bandwith with equal or better quality compared to mpeg2/hdtv.

Hi, this is an open question to all. what connection is used on this unit to upgrade the software? i do not see any rs232 terminal on its rear or anywhere else. please enlighten me.

thanks, Doc

Aha Mpeg4 / H.264

Now I understand what all the talk is about then. Nice, well thats nice, lucky for me that I am not getting HDTV as or right now. Will probably be a while.

I am mostly looking for PVR systems (with EPG systems) it makes everything so much better. :smiley:

The firmware on this unit will be upgraded through FireWire.
However, FireWire is the only connection required to connect it to an computer and let the data flow…

the market is currently in a big turn-around.
Possible that FTA Receivers go all into the bin because of some actions of groups like RTL etc.
Good PVR systems which will be DVB-S2 capable are expected mid 2006, not really earlier. :wink:

thanks Chef for the timely reponse. i am now trying to locate an USA supplier. the UK prices seems on the high side with the vat and shipping included. again thanks, Doc

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Nice news!