FireBurner version 2.1.6 available now

I just posted the article FireBurner version 2.1.6 available now….

A new FireBurner version has been released. Now both the Linux and Windows versions can be downloaded:

Once source code base to rule them all…

Well at least rule the Windows and Linux…

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and then 2.1.7 tomorrow…? :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm… i only use fireburner for burning downloaded *.bin/cue files is it decent for other things? i doubt it could match clonecd, however, the app is still around, and im wondering if other users find it powerfull enuff for their daily needs?

great, 3 versions in the same week! BTW… where are all the CloneCD updates? Haven’t seen one for a while now.

yeah. they are aboot due for another. :9 heheheh