FireBurner v2.11 released

I just posted the article FireBurner v2.11 released….

A new FireBurner version has been released with some small fixes and updates. Thanks goes to SpecTrax for submitting this news to us.

Main changes:
Fixed nagging OnShow message bug
Move tracks…

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The creator of this product should consider rewriting this program entirely or seek another profession. FireBurner is one of the worst burning applications available and it ruins blank CDs with ease. :r

Ehh correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t the erase function only be used with CD-RW’s ?

Domino is right! Be warned! Fireburner will indeed create coasters without hesitation, and will even report success when empty CD-R discs are still empty after burning, only unusable!

I use FB 1.06 and it one of the most reliable burner proggiez i´ve ever used. Maybe you dont use it right…?? I dont like FB 2.x - but 1.06 is rock solid :4

Great, a newer version of a terrific coaster maker. Can’t wait not to try it!