FireBurner v2.1.0 released

I just posted the article FireBurner v2.1.0 released….

A new FireBurner version has just been released with some handy fixes:

Main changes:

Implemented work around for 2 compiler bugs that adversely affected threading and overall…

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:frowning: So what. Every version of FB that I’ve tried so far is a coaster maker. Stick with clone cd and Nero to fill all burning nneds.

Nero or CloneCD or CDRWIN Others… no way :wink:

Last version of Fireburner (2.08) did not recognize any CD-ROM device in my computer- I’ve got three plus the Daemon Tools virtual drive. Guess this version of Bugburner will be better?

Hehe… you guys seem to have only bad points about that soft… Despite the fact i need nothing else than nero and clonecd to do all what i ever need to, i never had probs with that soft…

Well CloneCD really does not like my burner (Acer CRW3330A). A lot of burnt PSX discs won’t boot, but I have no problems with e.g. CDRWin, Nero, or Prassi.

I use Nero, CloneCD and Fireburner. I have never had a coaster using fireburner and its great for burning Iso,Bin formats. Guess I could be a lucky one. :4