FireBurner V2.0 beta 3 released

I just posted the article FireBurner V2.0 beta 3 released….

IgD has another update ready from FireBurner: version 2.0 beta 3 is available for download now. The new changes:

Main changes:

Sweeping changes to burning core primarily in DAO 96 and…

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IGD is a jerk. He said his program would be free for ever and just posts betas of pityful shareware :r

Anton - you’ve obviously never done much programming. It takes a lot of time and effort to program and so if he is making it shareware he is simply trying to make some money back from all the time and effort he puts into the program. Secondly - He is fully aware of the warez/crack scene and he knows his program will be cracked and keygens etc passed out for it. If he was that much of a jerk he would go to a lot more effort to stop cracks working (ie releasing a new version on his site every week with like 1 byte changed). He knows people use it without paying for it and he doesn’t try to stop them so hard. he does however put a lot of work into it and so him asking for some money for it is fair enough. If people who, unlike you, aren’t super tight, dont mind paying for a well made product then they can. If they dont want to pay and they know the score then they can get the crack.

Actually I have done a lot of programming and I know that it can be difficult for people who aren’t inclined for the job. Maybe IGD is one of them. IGD said his soft would be free forever and when he got some publicity he got his word back. Not to mention that his prog has been giving me and others coaster after coaster. And a note about piracy and cracks: IGD is the last person to talk about warez, so cut the crap :r

But is the program any good?

This is the worst cdr prog in the market today. BlindWrite has progressed a lot, while Fireburner has remained the beta is has always been.

wouldn’t say Fireburner is the worst burning progie, I like it! nothing like nero and Clone though, but still neat!:stuck_out_tongue: this is my humble opinion;)