Fireburner took over

was using dvd shrink and decrypter plus fire burner with out a problem.using fb version 2.2.1 and now when i use shrink or decrypter to rip a dvd in iso format it does it in fireburner file type not in vob like before.what did i change or more importantly how do i change it back .i even have FB uninstalled and still does iso file form.

Open “Control Panel” go to “Folder Options” and find “VOB Extensions” it’s near the end of the list and click “Change” and select what ever program you want it to be associated with. You can still have FireBurner installed and have your “VOB” files associated to what ever program you want.

tried that but ist still makes my rips into 1 file a fireburner file not the several vob files it did before thanks.

So, you’re complaining that you rip in the ISO format, and you get an ISO?


kind of .i am saying that when i ripped before into an iso it was done in vob files usually in 1 gig size for 4 and then a few small when i rip into an iso it makes 1 file 4.5 gig which is fireburner format and has to be burnt in fire burner which does not always work .