Fireburner question

Hi all - used discdump to make a backup of my Mafia

When I used Fireburner to burn the image it only gave me
the option of Max or 1x for my write speed (Liteon 48125W)

As I dont really want to burn at max - even tho my Mafia backup works, how do I frig Fireburner to allow me to use different speeds?

Also used Burnatonce to make the image for disc 2 and 3 and burned with FB and ok.

Bit new to this as up till now only had a mitsumi 4x burner and only ever used clonecd, but have leearned a fair bit already from you guys so thanx for that…

Fireburner hasn’t been updated for some time so your writer isn’t really supported. However, if you set it for 1x, it will actually burn at 4x since that’s as slow as your writer can burn.

If you want any speed other than 4x (which you get by selecting 1x) or max, you’ll just have to wait for the next release. Don’t hold your breath though since fireburner updates are irregular and support is close to non-existent.

thanx - will probably stick to burnatonce then, as that was straight forward enuff.

Hi…Had the same fireburner prob( 1x or max) All I do is shut FB down and reopen it …and strangly it gives all speeds. Works everytime for me…good luck. Shame FB has not been updated, its a good program.

If fireburner is depended upon so much for safedisc 2.8, why doesn’t a program like that get updated more regularly? It obviously has good burning properties because for a while there it was just about the only way to backup safedisc 2.8.