FireBurner burning slow



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Some people may have encountered this problem: starting with FireBurner version 2.0.5 is has become extremely slow in some cases (e.g. a 16x Plextor burner burning a 650MB CD-R in 50 minutes!) but…

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I got a Win2k system, Plex 16x. And my CPU is working @ 100% … Any thoughts?


Well , i got this problem not with Fireburner but with NERO 5.5 after installing WinXP beta… somehow it seems to burn EVERY disc i write under NERO in 1x speed. even tho NERO tells its writing in 16x speed (i got a Plextor 16/10/40A IDE drive) can someone explain why ???


fast eddie… the only software that i know supports windows xp is the latest build of nti cdmaker pro 2000 if thats any help… ahead is working on a new build of nero that will support xp… (probbobly wount be out untill the winxp final is out though) well hope this was of any help for you =)


every cdr software work just fine with xp , install first real aspi and then aspi upgrade . i have no probleem with it , only one thing about ide burners they sucks they slow down the whole system get your self a scsi burner.


hahahaha you gray fucker …not everyone so rich as u…this cdfreaks scene people are 16 or younger mostly…so there mommy cant affort a scsi burner…hahaha but he is right buy a scsi burner…ide really sucks…) ) :r