Fireburner and Write Speeds

I’ve been using DVD2SVCD to make some SVCD’s. Thought that I would try to use Fireburner in cooperation with the created bin/cue files to burn the SVCD’s. The problem is, I can only choose between 1x and Max burning speeds. Writer LiteOn LTR-48125W (VS08). In every other burning program I have all available burning speeds. Is this normal, or is something wrong with my Fireburner installation. Version is 2.1.7.

I would like the option of choosing 4x burning speed, because I don’t like burning SVCD’s at higher speeds. If this is not possible with Fireburner I’ll just go back to CDRWIN 3.9b-e or something else. What program is best at burning SVCD’s off bin/cue files? Or does it matter at all? Only thing I’ve heard is that Nero is not always up to it when making SVCD’s.

FireBurner is not know for the timeliness of its support. It doesn’t even have a supported recorders list. Lite-on is mentioned neither in the recommendations or the drive links. They suggest Plextor and Yamaha drives, but this information is years old, as is their suggestion to get a drive with at least 4x speed. :cool:

I have nothing against FireBurner, but it is not well maintained with frequent support updates.

Your writer isn’t really supported by the current version of fireburner which isn’t surprising as it has been some time since its last update.

However, since your writer can’t burn any slower than 4x, if you use the 1x setting, it will, in fact, burn at 4x.

Fireburner’s developer has been promising a new version, tentatively 2.20 for some time which, no doubt, will support the newer writers. However, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Expect it when you see it.

I’ll try Fireburner choosing 1x speed and see if it then actually burns at 4x. That would be nice. Cheers.