Fireburner and SD3.20

Title: Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Lite-On LTD163D

Lite-On LTR-40125S
FireBurner 2.2.1

Failed :frowning:

FireBurner 2.2.1

Success :smiley: Well mostly - Of the 5 times Iโ€™ve tried to play it I got 1 failure when the backup disk provided a .tmp file error. The other times it ran authenticating in about the same time as the original.

Due to the blacklisting of the Hide CDR media function of CloneCD I can only use the LTD-163D to play the backup in, and I suspect that part of my sucess is down to the fact that the Litey is such a forgiving drive.

I hope to try DiskJuggler soon with both the ASUS and Lite-On and will report back.

Cracking results there. Keep it up and keep us informed.


What speed did you rip and burn @?

As i am keen to try this method! :smiley:



Burning was done at 8x, ripping Iโ€™m not sure about. Overall speed is going to be quite low, and the errors at the beginning of the disk take a while to skip over. The rest is just plain old data so I canโ€™t see why any speed restriction is required.

I forgot to mention that I set the error correction to Auto and let CCD determine when to turn Fast Error Skip on and off again.

Good Luck