FireBurner 2.05 released for Windows and *LINUX*



I just posted the article FireBurner 2.05 released for Windows and LINUX.

As reported a few days ago a new FireBurner would be available soon and here it is… There are now two versions: a Windows version and a LINUX version!

FireBurner is now truly a…

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Cool, thx!


Where is qtintf.dll?


qtintf.dll is in the ZIP I just downloaded.


I´ll get the same message: “A missing file qtintf.dll was…” Nothing about it on the homepage, so i still use FB 1.06 - it´ll always work :slight_smile:


“qtintf.dll” is in the Zip file now, so go grab it… Look´s like the author forgot to put the file into the ZIP early´ere :9


It’s still BETA… Damn!