FireBurner 2.0.8 (Linux-RPM)

I just posted the article FireBurner 2.0.8 (Linux-RPM).

KaReL used our newssubmit to let us know about the Linux version of Fireburner. So for all linux fans…

This RPM will install the latest FB executable and support files on your Linux box…

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Yes, i’m pro linux. I only use windows because some of those games i have doesn’t run in linux, YET.

As do i … i mostly work/program under Windows because of no sufficient tools under Linux :(, but burning is under linux (overal) :slight_smile:

I am also pro-Linux, but I really only use Linux to play UT and Q3A so far as it runs them much better than any Windows version I have used (98,Me:r,2k). I have to use Windows for other games like Half-Life and programming for my job…for not having billions to play with, Linux is a very good OS and I give my thanks to the people who put hard work into the creation and expansion of that OS - hopefully one day I will be one of those people :slight_smile: