Fire alarams at work

Fire alarm is going off here, it goes off quite a lot actually which is pretty annoying, we just moved to this building in april and i would say its went off atleast 20 times so far, anyone else blessed with this amazing fire alarm at their work? sorry if this thread sucks but oh well i was bored and pissed off

*dont mind my spelling of the thread title, i would fix it, if i can and knew how to

Stop burning the toast then. :bigsmile:

that’s what ya get fer overburnin dvd’s :bigsmile:…or philly cheese steaks in ya desk drawer…:slight_smile:

yuuumm cheesesteak sounds real good right about now

get me one…light on the onions :slight_smile:

have you ever had one?

indeed…not in philly though :slight_smile:

from where then and its not a philly cheese steak unless you get it here, no place on earth can make them like they can here

Dallas…Atlanta etc…so basically…just a cheesesteak sandwich :slight_smile:

yea well you need to eat one from here :slight_smile: its just so amazing how good they are, if you ever plan to be in philly let me now, ill direct you to the best place for cheese steaks, and while your here make at stop at sweet lucy’s barbeque which is also AMAZING

bbq…am familiar w/ the good stuff here also…hehe…it’s in the blood :bigsmile:

yea i figured that, even though i dont wanna admit it, your bbq is prob better but this sweet lucy’s is so damn good,

heres another good food place to check out eating in the philadelphia area, just in case you wanna drool over some pictures and articles about the cheese steaks here, its also got stuff about the south, check it out let me know if you have eaten any of these places

Put the pipe away.

its when im at work that i wish i did smoke because those idiots who wanna die sooner get smoking breaks

Smoking is baaad for you.

i know thats why i dont

That’s so unfair

you do know what happens if you cry out wolf wolf to many times ?