Fiona Apple DualDisc CD ripping

I am very new at CD copy protection and have tried to locate software to detect the CD protection, but they all seem to refer to either games or software. The Fiona Apple DualDisc of her new album Extraordinary Machine, has a warning on the back “The CD side of this disc does not comply with CD standards and may not play in certain CD players”- something to that effect. I can play the CD in my PC’s CD/DVD drive, but there is random static that comes through on all the tracks- I have tried ripping it with Nero, Windows Media Player, and Audiocatalyst and all produce the same result (static over the tracks). I have also tried making an image of the CD with Alcohol and the image also produces the same results (I suppose I should have expected that from an image).
Is there some way I can get around this- I would really like to have mp3 copies of this album as I usually buy an album and rip immediately (I’m a bit anal about keeping my CD’s/DVD’s scratch free).
Help would be like a warm latte in winter :slight_smile:

This won’t appear as much help I just wanted to add my two cents. I have read that the music industry as well as movie makers in an attempt to make their software “protected” from piracy have inserted copy protections that some computer drives cannot properly play. I think it might have to do with some info. stored on the disk that somehow causes the cd writer to not work properly. I have read a few cases where people can’t get the cd to play at all on their PC. I guess if you have one and have not tried it yet, try copying the disk from a read only drive to a temporary file to be burned later or at least try playing it first in a read only drive and see if the static still exists. Sometimes readers make for the best copiers. Also, try it on another computer. Don’t give up.

The answer is cdparanoia. It is a Linux ripping tool that can eat most if not all protections for breakfast.
For windows, CdEX apparently uses cdparanoia as its ripping engine, so it should work just as well.
Most people use EAC (exact audio copy), though, which is very good as well.

Try and see, but do not allow under any circumstance the cd to install anything in your computer.