Finnish police raid BitTorrent site, arrest 34

I just posted the article Finnish police raid BitTorrent site, arrest 34.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us about a further
development in the recent rash of P2P related raids… …

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I have no idea why the register would blatantly get a news item like this wrong, but those 34 people were MOST DEFINITELY NOT arrested. What happened is that several people (amount is unclear) had their computers seized by the police for investigation. Out of those 4, were owners of the site and 30 administrators. Once again, people’s computers have been confiscated by the police. No one has been arrested.

Just a matter of time before these guys start rotting in jail.

we could end this all together if only we stood together as one and refused to buy any music or films for a week that would get em going if they charged around £3 for a album and a £5 for a movie piracy would disappear i am sure of it and the increase in sales would counterbalance the off set why are they so greedy ???

what site was it?

The site in question was called Finreactor. It was a BitTorrent site that probably only had Finnish users. And I seriously doubt anyone is going to jail for this. It’s far from obvious that they will even be found guilty, since BitTorrent has never really been court-tested anywhere. At worst, they will get some heavy fines, at best, they will be cleared of charges, and the criminals who got them arrested (BSA and our local version of RIAA) will get bitchslapped. It’s going to take several months for any results on this, so we will be waiting a long time.

The repercussions of this will be to merely see the servers start up in countries that the MPAA has little reach in. Notice how nothing has happened in Canada? Movie/music/software piracy there is less abhored by the courts. And, forget about Canada for a sec - what’re the chances of the MPAA’s friends in Brazil or Peru or South Africa helping out? The users have proven in the past their mobility, and a number of servers will inevitably form, and quickly grow, to fill this chasm.

They are a business with shareholders. As a business it’s their responsibility to maximize profits. Why do people hate them for that? THey are not selling drugs that people need to cure AIDs. They’re selling a leisure item. I say all the power to 'em. I think they’re wasting a lot of time and effort, but it’s their right to do it if they want, and I can’t hold that against them, no matter how ill-advised it is.

The fact that it is most possibly those search and scrutiny results only in XMLs stored on those servers, with suspecting downloaders IP, would be enough evidence to prosecute anyone who operates the servers. It is like jailing a person on street who points finger to some CD shop :wink: (which would undoubtedly be denied as known pirated one) for passing strangers. Take care.

It is immpossible to prevent people from sharing! Bush also wanted to stop Porno on the web, good luck. they arrested 30 out of 30 million! :d

The job of the jury is to reason beyond reasonable doubt, that the charge is relevant in evidence exist. There has been homicide case plead guilty even without the discovering of victims body. Take care. Dont let the cow boy in.

In other news, little Billy laughed when he read the article and found the MPAA was abbreviated as the Motion Picture Ass. Of America. Billy’s children will know better than to watch and be entertained by Hollywood, let alone support the industry churning out crap.

Even 10000 torrent files is just a blink to destroy, possibly by some acidic agent :wink:

Unfortunately, this appears to have had a severe knock-on effect on the bittorrent community. Several high-profile sites have closed down virtually overnight, including phoenix torrents and dvdr-core. The best known, suprnova, has also disappeared.

If interested (and if you understand finnish) check out for a chatlog where one admin explains the whole situation, how he got woken up by the police. Check the directory (fr) for more files, for example pictures. Noone was arrested. Some rumours say that polices holidays have been canceled and all available men are asked for duty - seems as they are prepaing for a bigger bust. But these are only rumours. It also seems as the person behind this is known he is called “wok” and reported & logged fr’s activity for the bsa. These is of corse not official information but still something. And just for information suprnova is still up and running.
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nice to know that we are safe from these evil downloaders that are robbing these poor multi-billion entertainment companies. i sleep safe in my bed that the authorities have bought this evil practice and the people responsible to bear. in a world full of terrorists and sex offenders i am proud that someone has thier priorities right and are hunting the real evil in this world.

I take it you prefer Indian cinema Cynicalbastard? :stuck_out_tongue: Alot of crap comes out of Hollywood but alot of good stuff comes out as well.