Finnish people propose a change to their copyright law

We’ve just posted the following news: Finnish people propose a change to their copyright law

The Finns make use of a new path for legislation in their country, with a bill to overhaul their copyright laws written and supported directly by the public rather than by elected representatives.
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Common sense, eh? Gee - allowing a citizenry to actually have a voice in the laws their politicians foist on them. What a novel idea! “It will never work!”

[QUOTE=ChristineBCW;2694107]Common sense, eh? Gee - allowing a citizenry to actually have a voice in the laws their politicians foist on them. What a novel idea! “It will never work!”[/QUOTE]

Somebody had to try it eventually. :bigsmile:


governments and parliaments are supposed to introduce and amend laws that are for the benefit and protection of their citizens, not just for industries, especially if those industries are of another nation. yes, the industries should be protected but not to the extent that they are the most important thing going and definitely not more important than a nation’s people! the main aim of copyright is to ‘promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts’, not, as some would have us believe, to protect the works of the USA entertainment industries and Hollywood! i hope this law is brought in and then spreads throughout the EU and then the rest of the World. these entertainment industries complain bitterly about ‘their losses through copyright infringement and illegal downloading’. they never, ever, take on board what the public tells them or asks them to do. they never take any notice of the findings of independent studies and reviews. they think absolutely nothing, however, of infringing on the rights of the people, of removing the people’s rights, of bribing those in powerful positions to get things changed to their way and going as far as to have laws which have been in place for decades, changed as well so that now, people are presumed guilty unless they can afford to pay for a lawyer to prove innocence and we, as the customers, as the people who outnumber these arse hats millions to one, have never even been allowed to question these changes in the law!! ! they think nothing of committing perjury in court or in front of parliamentary committees concerning their ‘losses’ or on how they have tried to set up new sharing sites to combat illegal file sharing, forgetting, conveniently, that they want to charge high street prices for something that costs almost nothing to set up!! how perverse is that, in what are supposed to be democratic countries??

I would certainly push for this law to be passed if I was from Finland. I do intend to keep my fingers crossed in hopes that something like this comes to America, although I honestly doubt it will.


Don’t get your hopes up for common sense…

In Finnish media, the chairwoman of Education and Culture Committee (who will review and report about law proposals, such as this) Raija Vahasalo states that “The proposal most likely doesn’t affect the current legislation”. (And a few lines later admits, that she doesn’t even know about the contents of the proposal, but “Committee has been quite unanimous with the matter in the past”).

This is the second citizens’ initiative after they introduced it in March 2012. The first initiative (presented in March 2013) was to ban fur farming in Finland. Agriculture and Forestry Committee rejected the proposal in it’s report, but as per legislation, citizens’ initiatives has to go to government voting. In June the goverment voted of the matter (while protesters rallying outside the parliament house). And guess what? Proposal rejected.

I sincerely hope that at least the key points of the proposal would get through. I wonder how much the goverment can afford to not listen these initiatives? (especially when the regulations of the initiatives are quite strict - 50 000 citizen votes in a 5,5 million people country)

Mastus - ah yes, THIS is more like Gov’t In Action. “We will let citizens give us legislation but we of course have final say. They don’t. We are the only smart ones.”