Finnish consumer board to Sony: pay up!

Finnish consumer board to Sony: pay up!.

[newsimage][/newsimage]In light of the nearly week-long PSN outage, an ongoing battle with hackers and stubborn class-action lawsuits, some hyperbolic detractors believe Sony's presence in home gaming is in serious trouble. The last -- a near-continuous legal push in various countries against Sony for its abrupt removal of the OtherOS feature -- recently garnered some support from a consumer complaint board in Finland.

Is it safe to say the company’s attempt to avoid settling is…finnished? (Sorry!) Or do the class-action suits against the corporation lack legal merit?

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The comments on techdirt say it pretty clearly, here’s my take on it.

“Sony, you haven’t just lost a hacker, you’ve lost a customer.”

Extra points for anyone who can decompile the origin of that quote.