Finnegan The Squirrel/Dog

This should warm even the coldest heart.
Link to story, a must read…Link

awwwww how cute…story was worth the time to read…

My wife’s exact words.
P.S. Check the spelling of regularly in your sig.

The thing I hate about dung beetles is their silly little shit-eating grins… /.

Awww, how cute … dogs playing with their food :slight_smile:

Ps Dung beetles are a bunch of brown nosers :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly what i was thinking

well its copied from Air himself…are you saying he mis-spelled it!!! :cop:

Nope, sorry. Try again. :bigsmile:

Yeah I know, sounds silly doesnt it. They must have changed the spelling after I resigned (or were forced from) the seat of pope.

Puppyyyys and squirrels at once, cuddle buffer overrun!

What is the difference between brown nosing and ass kissing? Depth perception.

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