Finland tries to ban the import of pirate copies

I just posted the article Finland tries to ban the import of pirate copies.

Finland is making a law, which will forbid people to import pirate copies. This is big problem for Finland as it is a direct neighbour of Russia, where they produce millions of illegal cds. The new…

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The problem is that they do not distinguish the difference between people who just share music and Warez, and people who sell them… After they take out the sellers, everybody after that will be next…

I’ve had couple cds imported from russia/estonia and I don’t understand how they succeed to get all the nuke releases & viruses to those discs. The audio discs I’ve had were also very crappy. Buying/selling warez is also lame :r Great law! :4

They’ll soon have sniffer dogs to sniff out the cd’s. :4

:+ sniffer dogs! yep and a guy who looks for any cds with names ending in the letter Z lol no appz gamez or albumz allowed lol

Expect to see more pirate ships! :wink:

They will also ban virii and germs…then the finnish government will fly and part the waters. Address the cause of the disease ,you clowns, not the result…:7

OMG. I live 7kms away from russian border…and being retailer of pc/console software, I know those russian imports really hurt our business. That’s y I think this is a good law, but controlling the importing is still gonna be hard and I am not so sure if it’ll make a big difference :’(