Finland makes illegal to make backups and talk about DRM

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  heystoopid used our news submit to tell us that Finland's  government has decided to pass a bill that makes it illegal even to copy media  for personal use. The new copy law has already been...
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How’s that Monty Python Song go?? Finland, Finland, Finland, The country where I DON’T want to be, Locked up for making Backups, Or just recording TV, Finland, Finland, Finland, It’s NOT the country for me! :g

What’s next? Vote right only for those who bought at least 10 original movies or albums per year and a Microsoft Vote Certificate?
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“that the law prohibits even “organised discussion” of such things.” So basically, the moment this bill is accepted, it can never be changed, because no one is allowed to talk about it. I think that RIAA lawyers are about to wet their pants.

I’m Finnish, so that ain’t so funny:( But check out the main ‘Man’ Behind this scheme, our Brainless “Minister of Culture”, ex-lingerie model “Tanja Karpela”. Still wondering how much local RIAA (Teosto) paid to her? She has no brains, but what a figure… (just search for “Tanja Karpela” in any P2P-network, and you understand what I’m talking about:p

then, the life span of copy righted material should be limited to like 10 years as there will be strict copy right management + tax on blank medias then this new law is acceptable

I hope all good Finnish ppl take a stance against this crap - it got… into gov so… it aint gonna change so fast… What next a german chancellor

>>Tiiker “She has no brains, but what a figure…” U gggggg eeeee uuuuu can do doooooo P2P-network- wot is dat?

Me tinks the Finnish are finished!:X

Not bad indeed:

…WHoa manfat!!! one has to ask, were any of the others actually LOOKING at the bill???..:X

Hmm, I wonder… does Finland has some constitution? “Basic” laws like freedom of press? If yes, this is in danger due to this “censorship”.

She should’ve stayed in the branch of nude, perhaps XXX entertainment.

Well all I can say is if this does pass then any levies that are being collected should be stopped right away because those levies are no longer required to “protect” the media mafia for the legit backups that people make. And I agree with the poster that said politicians are no longer listening to their people. It seems the corruption is extremely widespread througout the world and pretty soon people in China will have more rights then we do. Seems the American way of Life Liberty and hte Puruit of money has really set in wherever the mafia can dig in it’s claws. Looks like the French might be the only ones to win this war!

How can people take a dumb blond so seriously that she even become a member of the Finish government? After seeing this how supide can one be to vote on a chiccolina :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it April 1st in Finland ?? What’s next - a law that states you MUST watch commercials on TV . If you don’t - you’re sent to re-education… I can understand a stupid ex-model MP - but 120 others voted for this law. According to this law, you can’t record of the TV as well - cause it’s copyrighted. Do they they have enough courts and jails for all those “criminals”? Seriously, I hope they have some sort of human rights movement over there to turn this fiasco around.

Be nice with this Minister of culture .She is a true blonde(lager), thus she did not understand what she signed… :X

So much for Democracies where the majority of voters elect people (politicians to actually represent the majority) to actually represent the MAJORITY as they are suppossed to do, and actually listen to what the majority want. Sounds more like the Adolf Hitler years where he started initially to take peoples rights away bit by bit, and we all know where that ended up after a few years don’t we! Unless people exercise their democratic rights and let there (alledgedly at least) elected representatives who are supposedly there to represent the majority know what they want (IE: ring,write,email them) they will contiinue to ignore those same people who elected them because they can (and besides the avearge person does not DONATE LARGE SUMS OF MONEY to them and there political parties like big businesses do. Maybe we should let them know we want the laws changed to make it a criminal offense for them to take donations from businesses seeing how they are (alledgedly it would seem nowdays) PUBLIC SERVANTS (which means they SHOULD ACTUALLY serve the Public’s interests, not BIG BUSINESS). After all it is us the majority of voters who elect these people to reprsent us the majority, so let your politicians know they are there for US THE MAJORITY NOT THE SMALL MINORITY OF RICH BIG COMPANIES AS THEY SEEM TO BE THERE FOR NOWDAYS. LET THEM KNOW THAT AT THE NEXT ELECTION THEY FACE YOU WILL NOT VOTE FOR ANY POLITICAL PARTY OR CANDIDATE THAT IGNORES THE ORDINARY PERSON WHO IS IN THE MAJORITY PURELY FOR THE SAKE OF THE MINORITY BIG BUSINESS PERSON (who Funnily enough probably donated large sums of money to their political party). And do you still have to pay the levy on blank media. Unfortunately the greed factor has blinded a lot of Politicians/Governments when the greedy money grubbing companies make large donations to political candidates/parties and common sense goes out the window. Come on people that is what a democracy is about, and that is the people letting thier elected representatives know what they want. Instead of saying what can I do about it, do something about it, complain to you local/state/and federal Politicians and KEEP COMPLAINING TILL THEY GIVE THE MAJORITY OF VOTERS WHAT THEY WANT AND ARE ENTITLED TO UNDER A DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT, liek they say if it is to be it is up to me the individual, and a lot of individuals can change the world!!! PEOPLE POWER!!!

And remember also that is from Finland :wink: Let’s see how they will react for this new law. I think other finnish sites has to follow them. Well the war ain’t over yet, we just have to wait and see… :stuck_out_tongue:

Germany adopted a similar law quite some time ago. I believe this was an EU mandate. Here, although there is a law on the books that allows people to make copies for personal use, another law states that you may not bypass (or even discuss the bypassing thereof) any copy protection in order to make a copy, even for your own personal use. Seeing as how most media is copy protected in some form or another, this pretty much negates the first law. And to top it off, we pay an extra tax on media and electronic devices to cover the copying that we are not allowed to do in the first place. :r