"Finishing" off CD-Roms to play in DVD-player

Hi. I’m a 69 year old with only 6 years doing e-mails and with no experience burning disks etc.

I have a 4yrOld-HP304w-XPSP2-40Gig-524mb-CD-RomPlayer-2External-HardDrives.

My PC came with the HP-RecordNow-Veritas which I had trouble with and couldn’t figure out. When I found out the XP came with a burner that I could use in my CR-ROM, I removed the RecordNow program, as I felt, since I was not using it, I might as well free up the resources.

Over the last few years, I have collected joke-videos and some home movies, that I was sent, and burned them to my CD-RW’s. Recently, my kids gave me a DVD player and a few DVD movies. This player is supposed to also play CD’s, but none of mine will play.

I was told that they had not been “finished”, and that was why they wouldn’t play. I was also told that I need a special program to finish these disks. I presume the RecordNow program would have done this, if I could have understood it.

I have no idea where to turn now as I get easily ‘rattled’ when fronted with a complex application, or even complex terminology.

Is there an free, or cheap-easy solution, or a simple step-by-step solution that would work for this “old-man”?

I sure would appreciate any help and/or advice.

Sincerely, rgsmile

Welcome to the forums,

The issue here is that the previous writing software, Veritas, did not close the disks. This is pretty convenient when you want to add new data to the discs, but it’s inconvenient when you want to watch it on another device which does not support multisession unclosed discs.

You could try to find a product that will close these sessions for you, but since they’re on CD-RW’s i recommend copying them back to a folder on your harddisk and rewrite the cd-rw’s with a writing tool like Nero to use the “single session, closed disc” strategy. I have no idea if the internal Windows XP writing software can also close discs for you. I did not find anything about it at the microsoft sites.

Bear in mind that your dvd player may only support a selective amount of media formats. Most dvd players these days support mpeg, dvd, svcd, vcd, mp3, audio cd, divx and xvid.

HI, welcome
When a DVD home player says it can play CDs it refers to music CDs not data CDs, with the exception of CDs containing Jpeg photo files (when the player says to be Jpeg compatible).
The “small” joke video files you keep in CDs work as if those are data files when you insert the disc in the player’s drawer.

CDs containg video files to be use in a DVD home player must be VCD (video from mPEG1 Video files), SVCD (from MPeg2 video files), miniDVD (from MPeg2 files - as a matter of fact a DVD recorded to a CD with size limitations of this media).
Most DVD players support VCD and SVCD - miniDVD support is rare, as after DVD burners it makes not much sense.
Then, you have other AVI files that you can record to CDs, like DiviX and Mpeg4 - but you need to see if your player supports them.
Any of these kind of disks need to be authored by dedicated software that produce a disc according to the respective standard and make it possible for the home player to recognize and play them.

From the kind of “movies” you have in your discs you can produce probably VCDs (that have an image quality close to VHS, depending on the source quality) and you may be able to play.
For that you need an authoring package that you can find in burning software like Nero or Roxio, but it will depend on the ability to import your files formats.
Another option is an authoring package that allow you to author DVDs and this formats on CD, like Ulead MovieFactory (just an example as you have others, like the ones from Pinnacle and Magix for instance).
Ulead’s package, now on versions 6 and 6 plus accept a lot of video files formats and allow you to create VCD or a proper DVD from most of your files, I would guess…
Good luck

Thanks, Mr. Belvedere and agomes, for the informational and precise responses. I’ll make note of these and do some searching and see where it leads me. I’m still worried of running into a too complicated application, but that is my problem.

I’ll post back to let you know.

Thanks again.

HAve a look at www.videohelp.com
there you will find a lot of info about video issues, software and user guides for various tasks.
It can be a good place for some of your research.

If you could it would be alot better and easier process to replace the cd burner with a dvd burner( you can get a nice one for $30 bucks shipped this days) and there are many freeware programs free for this situation. Just a thought.

Thanks again to Mr. Belvedere, agomes and johnnydavidson, for your responses. They were of great help.

I believe my problem is solved. I was reminded by a friend that I should have a disc in my “box-of stuff-computer-related-that-I-never-throw-away” that might have come with one of my old drives that one of my sons put in. And glory be, there it was, a Nero 6.

I installed it, examined it for, what seemed like years, and was able to finally reburn one of my disks in the “Make Video CD” mode and gosh, it really worked. I was able to play it in my DVD player. I had erased the disc after copy/pasting it to one of my external drives. It just happened, I suppose, that these vids were of the type that happened to work. I’m sure that not all of my collection will. But, that’s OK.

After reading the info from all of you, I had gained enough confidence to try it.

In the erasing section of the Nero, it gave me two options to erase. Full-erase and quick-erase. I chose the full-erase. Is that really necessary, or will a quick-erase also work?

Oh, and I did not see a entry about an option “single session, closed disc”, but the way the “Make Video CD” worked, it came out “finished”. Or, at least it worked.

The complete download was 108mb added to my C-drive, which is only 40 gigs and about half-full. I wasn’t sure if I could put Nero 6, on an external drive, or not. I thought there might be a problem.

My PC is 4-years old and I’ll be replacing it down the road. Then the new one will have a DVD burner-player. Course, I’ll have to relearn new software, but maybe I’ll get lucky and have Nero on it.

So, many thanks to you all.