Finished Disks Won't Play on Some DVD Players

I finally am at a point where a can successfully finish the backup process with the latest versions of AnyDVD ( and CloneDVD ( Unfortunately, two out of three of my regular home DVD players can not read the disks. The other one works fine. The media appears to be supported by all my DVD players (I am using DVD+R DL, and my DVD players read DVD+R/RW). I am using Verbatin brand disks, and am having the identical problem with two different titles so far (all that I have attempted). My Sony DVD player won’t read the disks, and one of my two Samsung DVD players also can not read the disks. Also, my Gateway laptop’s internal DVD drive can not read the disks, but my external HP DVD840 writer can. Please help.

The only thing I can figure is that I don’t have the correct options selected on ANYDVD – I’ve tried so far with all options selected, and then tried it with the “remove software region code” UNselected.

Incidentally, my other resent problem burning was solved by disabling Norton Internet Security and Norton Antivirus.

@ backupguy,

Please confirm the exact complete name and version number of the “CloneDVD” software program that you are using.

There has never been a SlySoft or Elaborate Bytes version of CloneDVD that even closely resembles the CloneDVD ( version number that you referenced.

Suggest visiting SlySoft ( and download the current up to date CloneDVD v2.8.9.8 version.

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Sorry – I am actually using recently (a couple days ago) downloaded from the Slysoft site. I copied down the wrong number.

Probably because you are using verbatin… you should try looking for verbatim lol… anyway, as i realise you are actually are using verbatim… or i hope you are, try burning at a slower speed, like 8x, and also bare in mind that some dvd players are just picky. What is the actual make of the dvd player you are trying to play on? Have a look at and look for your player.

Just because your players say they will read DVD+R/RW, does not mean they will read the DL discs. Check your manuals to see if they will read +R DL DVDs.

if you’re having troubles with +R DL dvds you may be able to “trick” your player into thinking they are DVD-ROM (ie regular dvd videos).

this is done by bitsetting (or booktyping). click on the link to learn more and check your burners specs to see if it allows for bitsetting.

you can see if your burner will bitset your +r to dvd-rom. look here to see.

aaarrrrggggg… why didnt i think of that :a

Thanks everyone! My DVD burner does not appear to support bitsetting (HP DVD840e). My problem appears to be that the two players that cannot read the copies are at least a couple of years old and that, as one of the articles you guys pointed me to indicates, players from before mid-2004 may not be able to read DVD+/- dual-layer copies. I think the next time I am in the market for a DVD player, I will take some disks to BestBuy and see firsthand which players will support my media and format. You guys have been great!

@ backupguy,

Your statement that your HP DVD840e did not support BitSetting fired up my curiosity and prompted me to do some research and here is what I found.

Your HP DVD840e is actually a rebadged LG GSA-4166B DVD Burner and LG GSA-4166B Firmware automatically book types DVD+R and DVD+DL discs to DVD-ROM by default. Below is a CD Freaks LG Forum thread that provides all the information you will need to get your HP DVD840e set up with LG GSA-4166B Firmware that will automatically BitSet DVD+R and DVD+DL Media to DVD-ROM. Suggest to completely review the entire referenced thread but suggest noting thread posting #4 paragraph 19 and thread posting #5 paragraph 21. Forum Member karangguni did an excellent job of writing this LG DVD Writer FAQ and this thread will answer any question you might have concerning your rebadged LG GSA-4166B DVD Burner.

Crossflashing your HP DVD840e with LG GSA-4166B Firmware that Auto BitSet DVD+R and DVD+DL Media to DVD-ROM should correct your Media incompatibility problem and allow viewing your DVD backup copies in older DVD players.

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bjkg, good research and could end up a great solution. just a warning to the original poster if your drive is still under warranty that cross flashing firmware will void your warranty. if you’re no longer under warranty or don’t care then go for it…cross flashing is a great way to improve the functioning of your drive since unofficial firmwares are written and updated by people who want to get the most from that particular drive and not the manufacturer who will update only when absolutely necessary.

@ reasonsnotrules,

What really gripes me is that an outfit like HP re-labels a LG GSA-4166B to their crappy HP DVD840e label and then cant even provide Auto BitSetting Firmware for their re-labeled HP DVD840e.

If after crossflash the HP DVD840e to LG GSA-4166B warranty is concern you can always re-flash the LG GSA-4166B back to HP DVD840e. I don’t consider that act anything dubious considering HP was the person who originally re-flash the LG GSA-4166B to the crappy HP DVD840e label. If HP had left the Auto BitSetting Firmware alone all this crossflash foolishness would be unnecessary.

All this re-labeling and rebadged crap is one reason I don’t buy any Pre-Made Name Brand Computers and build all my Computers myself. That way I know exactly what is in all my Computers.

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