Fingerprints INSIDE the disc!



I have just opened a new jewel cased verbatim datasafe disc, it was still in the cellophane wrapper and to my surprise it had a big fingerprint on the surface..I thought it was just on one side (the dye side) but I found I could not remove it and in fact its on the other side too!....its actually inside the plastic and nothing can remove it...unfortunately my digital camera cannot get a good pic so you can see it. I have used these discs for a while now and I can see that the quality is getting worse (the discs have little irregular bumps on the coated surface).....anyway I just thought I would share this info!!!!.........dave


email verbatim about it…perhaps the replace it…

a pity you can not get a good picture…

about the irrigular bumbs,i had some strange disks too.
it seems that the dye wasn’t ok…but they burned ok.