Fingerprints and Smudges

Do little fingerprints and smudges on store bought media effect playback? I have tiny little scratches on my DVDs and little fingerprints here and there. I would wipe them off but that just results in more scratches. Do little fingerprints and smudges affect anything? Also, how can I check to see if the dvd will still play fine without pixellation or anything without watching the entire DVD?

They can effect playback, you can remove them by using a soft lint free cloth and wiping them off LIGHTLY, most scratches that occur when cleaning are a result of wiping too hard on the disc.

I apologize if I sound stupid when asking this, but it is possible to clean a dvd using a cloth and the end result is scratch free?

a cloth will never remove scratches if you want to remove scratches then you’d need to use toothpaste or T Cut, however this is only for seriously scratched discs a few small scratches here and there isnt much to worry about aslong as the discs plays ok, if it comes to the time when you need to use toothpaste etc id be reburning the disc.

Yes, as long as the DVD was not scratched to begin with.

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Thanks for your reply but I’m only talking about smudges and that.

Thats what I thought you were talking about. :iagree:

make sure u get one of them nice microfibre cloths … and dun wipe too hard … carefuly and gently (best laying the disc belly up on flat surface)

disposable lint free wipes like these work pretty well
you can also use dry disposable wipes with a little spray of rubbing alcohol.
I have seen all kinds of little cheap kits that come with a litle spray bottle of alcohol and some wipes. Microfibre cloths work pretty well but consider them semi-disposable. Once they get a little dirt, dust and or grit in them they can start to scratch the disk. Sometimes you can find camera lens cleaning cloths cheap which are basically just microfibre cloths (get a hand full of em if you find some cheap). I always find it works beter with a little alcohol wether it’s with wipes or miro fibre cloths.