Fingered by the movie cops

I just posted the article Fingered by the movie cops.

On the experiences of someone that has been cut of by their ISP because the MPAA had found out they downloaded or uploaded a movie to Usenet.

In the article the person denies to have…

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Thats funking(no typo) lame :r

Just a quick posting to any of the Admins, I used to have as my start page. I had it like that for around two years. Yesterday I got rid of it as my start page and used a blank page instead. The pop up means that every time I opened my browser to look at a web page it was loading a pop up and the amount of time it was therefore taking to load was just unacceptable. I have in the past and dont mind clicking on banners but the pop up is just annoying and means I no longer use this as my start page. SORRY :frowning:

You mean “Pop-under”…Yeah I agree, it sux! :r

I dont mind one or two but if I have to read 15 new articles and each one pops up 3 then theres something wrong with that… Let me click the banners! :frowning: