Finger-sized iPod Shuffle on the way

I just posted the article Finger-sized iPod Shuffle on the way.

Apple claims to have created the world’s smallest music player with its new iPod Shuffle, measuring 1.8 inches tall, 0.7 inches wide and 0.3 inches thin.
In terms of storage, the new Shuffle is…

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This would be great if I didn’t have to use Itunes to put music on the device. You should be allowed to just open it up as a drive and drag and drop your mp3s to it.

The show stopper for me is the fact that the controls are on the included ear buds. From experience, Apple’s ear buds are garbage in terms of quality so now you are forced to use the crappy sounding ones and pay an arm and a leg to replace it. You cannot control this iPod without the proprietary buds. Garbage.

Sure, the controls are on the garbage earbuds. This prevents anybody from proving that the device’s audio is crap.

All the Ipod’s seem to be over-priced due to the hype. I recently picked up a SanDisk Sansa Fuze and I’m lovin it. Half the price of a compareable Ipod.

Perfectly happy with my 4th gen Nano.

And I didn’t shell out more than the price of a Wii on earbuds, just to have to revert to Apple’s crappy earbuds.

…while the shadow dancer jams away, white cables flailing around like a retarded octopus.

The controls could of been placed on the side and the unit could of gone wirelesss on the ear pieces this would of been a great move.

I also have the Fuze. I really like it. It is really cool that you can add a uSD card to expand memory.

Stupid move to put controls on earbuds. Let me guess, this thing is going to be overpriced too to boot. I don’t understand why you people are complaining about their earbuds? You are not going to get hardly any range with any kind of earbud. The speaker is just too small. I got some headphones at the house that are huge, good for ear warmers :slight_smile: also, that have excellent range and sound awesome. They are kinda retro but I mainly use them at the house.

The SR80i

I agree on that point but what about dragging mp3’s to it. My Itouch doesn’t seeem to mind. Does anyone know for sure?