Fine tuning MP3 files proggies?



I find that sometimes the mp3 files were decoded (?) at a “weird” frequency (instead of 128 and 44.1 kHz). My question is there a program to fine tuning thoses files?



Are you sure the bitrate is “wrong” : if the file sounds grabled (like a record playing backwards) it is probably cooked. You can use Uncook or UnPhuck to remedy that problem.
WinAmp can play files of (I think) any bitrate, including variable bitrates. If you want to make an audio-CD you can use WinAmp’s DiskWriter function to convert the MP3 to WAV really quick and with no hassle.
Apart from that, I can’t see any problem in “exotic” bitrates or frequencies.
Hope this helps



Sometimes it helpes to ‘normalize’ the files if you decode them to wav. So the volume level is set to one and the same.



hi all, what I want to do is burn a audio-cd with mp3 files using Nero drag&drop but sometimes Nero reported that the files might be corrupted or damaged and when I checked the mp3 files i found out that their birates and freqs. were different than “normal 128 & 44.1” I don’t know if these factors may or may not be the problems but the mp3 files were fine when played with MP3 Player.
I guess I just have to convert them into wave files before burning.
thanks guys


All you need is an decoder to wav then.

use audiocatalist 2.1
find it at fosi’s


with the helps of Audiocatalyst and wavestudio I have make the mp3 files the way I liked (128Kbits - 44.1KHz) 8-))

oh ya you guys too 8-))