Fine, no Happy Birthday to me



It’s fine, I don’t exist. My birthday was a week ago and as an 8 year member of this forum I thought it would be acknowledged. But it is fine, I don’t care. I know that I do not participate as much as I used to but whatever, I am done. This place is dying a slow painful death anyway.


I don’t have mine acknowledge either, So don’t feel so bad. Happy belated Birthday.



Sorry that we missed your birthdays guys. Doesn’t mean we think you are non-existent.

I always look forward to your pictures JHT. Your family shots always brighten up things around here. But I haven’t seen you post in quite a while, and you never show up in the chat anymore.

And Platinumsword…we don’t have anyone around here who knows more about current trends in consumer electronics. I always read what you post regarding new equipment being released.

I do well to keep up with the birthdays for the few ladies left on the site.

And I would have missed Domi’s birthday if someone else hadn’t started a thread on it. And he’s the owner!


Yeah sorry guys I try to keep up with birthdays but there are to many , nobody remembered mine back in January.Some people don’t put their date of birth on their profile so I don’t know theirs and unless I check their profile I miss their birthdays ,please don’t be bashful Dean isn’t he announced his.Listen we would miss you guy a lot if you were not here SO–Happy Birthday from the back field.
o, here’s some cake( Platinumsword was Aug 7,th and jhtalisman was Aug 27th)


And beer never to late for a beer


When you’re @ my age,almost 50,you’ll don’t mind anymore that people forget it…Heck,it even feels better,because every1 thinks you’re younger…:bigsmile::bigsmile::wink:
Congrats anyway!!:flower:


Not sure if sarcasm or a cry for attention :slight_smile:

Happy belated birthday!


Didn’t you even get the totally 100% personal guaranteed not automated Club Myce birthday wishes e-mail? :wink:

But certainly belated happy birthday and we should make sure this doesn’t happen again!!!


Awww Jamerson :sad:

Belated birthday wishes ( and to platinumsword as well) :flower:…but you know that’s what happens when you get old, people forget ducks and runs like hell :bigsmile:

You got it right though in your OP, you should stick around more :slight_smile:



I just got an e-mail on my birthday. That’s OK with me.
When a thread comes up with a members birthday I usually wish them a happy birthday.


Have a great b’day Jamerson, go Colts:)


Happy birthday [B]jhtalisman[/B].


Happy birthday [B]jhtalisman[/B]. :wink:

Posted by jhtalisman

This place is dying a slow painful death anyway.

Maybe with a little more of your expertise you could help us ;)


[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2698237]Not sure if sarcasm or a cry for attention :slight_smile:

Happy belated birthday![/QUOTE] :iagree:


Happy belated birthday, j[B]htalisman[/B] and [B]platinumsword[/B]. :flower::flower:


[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2698237]Not sure if sarcasm or a cry for attention :slight_smile: [/QUOTE]

Classic Jamerson-eh!! :rolleyes:


Yeah the older we get the worse our memories get! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Jamerson and Platinum Sword!



Lesley Gore - It’s My Party

I feel like that song is applicable to this situation. :bigsmile:

Seriously, happy (late) birthday, y’all. :slight_smile:


I didn’t mean to leave out platinumsword .
I just gave the happy birthday to only jhtalisman because he started this thread.

I used the thread already started for platinumsword.


And for the rest of us: