FindLaw survey states Americans oppose RIAA lawsuits

I just posted the article FindLaw survey states Americans oppose RIAA lawsuits.

  Thanks to Music  Industry News     for bringing  this survey to our attention. A majority of Americans say the music industry  should not sue people who illegally download music off the...
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>Yet, only one of these labels, Warner Brothers, is in fact based in the United States! Well when one of your country’s most popular singers is Britney Spears, can you blame really blame other countries for being big players?

I’m not blaming them for anything. I just find it odd that the majority of the members of an organization that calls itself the “Recording Industry Association of America” don’t even live here.

Well America does seem to be their main market.

I think you will probably find that these companies are in fact american but are basing themselves in other countries for tax reasons and to try scam it themselves. Scammers sueing ‘theives’. Always nice :slight_smile: