Finding the Version of Securom used on games?

I know i need a hex editor, and have one i like, but what do i search for in the hex editor to get the string that contains the version number of the securom used on the game?

Search for something like ‘addD’, I am not sure, just look in the sticky threads about Securom, it is mentioned there.

Piccy & instructions here

These is my experience in finding securom version numbers…
I haven’t got never an hex edit for that and someone recommended me to do so i downloaded an hex editor and runned it. I went to the search function and the typed “4.”. This is enouth for our purposes. With the F3 keyboard key we can pass about ten to fiveteen non important keys till the version number. it always appears at the 98% of the file so this is the main idea and there isn’t to many problems to locate it.

Good luck!

Another piccy:

Neverwinter Nights v4.76.00.0051

It’s easier using yates Safedisc/SecuROM analyzer :slight_smile:

hmm that link is dead here. Could you send it to me please? Thanks :wink:

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hmm that link is dead here. Could you send it to me please? Thanks :wink:

The link is fine. Its here. One thing with this analyser is that it misses out a digit for the Safedisc titles.
For example:
Safedisc Analyser would say that Hooloigans was

[li]Safedisc V2.51.021
but the other one would say

[li]Safedisc V2.51.21.

Still get an error when trying to download the file. The page cannot be displayed. Can you send it to me please?

Ok. Its sent. :cool:

Received it, thanks :cool:
Works great, cool program!