Finding the sweet spot (w/ Kprobe)



Can I use Kprobe to test some audio cd’s made on my Lite-On 811? Here is a post I found on Hydrogenaudio regarding the sweet spot. Anyone have any opinions or experience testing various burn speeds of audio cdrs. I sometimes use 8x and 16x because of decoding .ape files direct to disc.

" Different dye types need different burn strategies depending on the speed. Dyes used today are suitable for high burning speeds. Think of it this way: you allways need roughly the same amount of energy to “burn” one spot in a certain dye type. The faster you go, the less time you have to transport that energy so the output of the laser will be very short pulses of high intensity. Old dyes were not able to react properly to such pulses. Newer dyes have been designed with fast pulses in mind. On the other hand that can (but doesn’t have to) mean they have difficulty reacting to slower pulses.

Secondly, the burner manufacturers only focus on high speed burning when developing their burn strategies. There is very little tuning done on the low speeds.

All in all this means that a burn at 48x can likely be better than a burn at 16x because the tuning is done for fast speeds only these days. The burning speed sweet spot varies for every burner/firmware/medium combination.

Furthermore I haven’t seen any scientiffically valid tests proving that the CDR type causes audible differences."



My experiences with my 811S (stock) is as follows.

I use 48x certified media (of course my 811S can burn to 40x CD-R).

On some CMC/Imation CD-Rs, when I burn audio CD at 24x or 32x, I get EXCELLENT C1/C2 count graph, providing the scanning is done at 24x and up. Scanning done at anything lower results in 6 digit C1s and tens and thousands of C2s (odd). When writing at 8x, scanning at 4x/8x gives decent C1C2 scores (no C2). Now an AudioCD is played at 1x on a player, when scanning at 1x, I get millions of C1C2s on my PC, when the audio disc is burnt at 8x. This sounds very odd… On other type of media, I get excellent results no matter what speed I scan at. Normally on good quality media I think 24x is the sweet spot, and I would not burn an AUDIO CD at a higher speed than that anyways. For audio CDs it is always best to burn at the lowest speed you can, in the 811S that would be 8x… But from my tests burning them at 24x on good media gave good results.


thanks man. it’s a good topic for discussion imo. I don’t have a lot of time on my hands right now, but plan to do some testing soon.

my 811 is a modded 411.



One thing I got to give the 811S credit for is the excellent quality CD-R burns. Compared to my old LITEON 48x burner, the 811S produce great CD-Rs, with excellent KPROBES. Wish I could say the same for DVDs. :slight_smile: Unlike DVD, CD burning uses smartburn and continually adjusts itself to the media, whereas DVD uses pre defined strats.

I’ve burnt CD Audios on TDK (sold as CMC) some as Imation (the worse ones), Memorex and Kodak Gold Ultima (good old days when they were real kodaks, not the gigastore rebranded CRAP sold today!) :smiley:


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